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    WISE MEDIA was established in 2013, a leading professional Esports officialonline community media operator in Mainland China, which isfocus on Chinese game market and the behavior of game players.The partners of WISE include Baidu & Tencent - two of the best Chinese search engine withaccurate user behavior taxonomy system from big data. Therefore, a effective vertical game media directly agglutinant contact with the Chinese players from Baidu Community - thelargest Chinese game-social-club; collect feedback from players and real-time operation ofonline Chinese players.


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    Official Service - Big Data - Precise Control

    MCN matrix

    Its own exclusive artists, Internet celebrity and KOL quality and lineup. It also includes screening, positioning, nurturance, traffic amplification, community maintenance, etc.


    Social transport barracks

    It includes content operation, user operation, activity operation, and "self growth" of the community centered on the creation and initial user acquisition, trust and value establishment.

    Short video operation

    It can be clearly stated in about 1-2 minutes, and the tone tones of the whole video are very light, so that people do not want to rush forward, leaving only the key steps. The actors or hosts on certain scenes are the employees of their own platforms. Compared with net red, such actors are more real and affectionate. Platform can build its own "Internet celebrity" to enhance identification.



    Leopard master

    Intelligent self media platform: homegrown content to 100 family number, penguin, headlines, post bar is the main industry daily touch up.



    Baidu products

    Baidu native as a perfect delivery service closed loop, combined with Baidu home number and post bar brand publicity resource service.


    Tencent products

    Penguin releases tweets to bind Q Q browser topic area operation, browser information flow and feed stream delivery.


  • NEWS

    Want to identify customer needs? First, identify the value elements of an enterprise.

    When evaluating products or services, customers will compare perceived value with quotations. It is common for marketers to devote too much time and effort to managing the price factor in the equation, because raising prices can immediately stimulate profit growth. But what do consumers really care about? This is difficult to ascertain......

    Why can't you make a flick of your video?

    If you don't talk about it today, we'll talk to you about the recent loud heat.

    Jitter, which was launched in September 2016, is a short video music software that can take short videos.

    You can share your life with the Video App, and you can also meet more friends and learn all kinds of funny things here......

    Visit to Nantong Tongzhou District people's Congress Standing Committee

    On the afternoon of September 10, Ge Tao, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Tongzhou District People's Congress of Nantong City, and his party of seven people visited Suzhou Weizhi Interactive Media Co., Ltd. The purpose of this study is to learn about Changshu's experience in promoting the development of cultural industries......

    Baidu search VIP salon bear paw open class: let quality resources stand out

    Baidu Search VIP Salon & Bear's Paw Open Course was held at Beijing Dongsheng Kailai Hotel on August 21. So big activity editors have gone too. This time the content is full. The new search ecology has brought huge search rights to content and service providers. More stationmasters and business operators will know about bears. .....

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