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Answers to frequently asked questions about bear's paw number

Ask 1:, what is bear's paw?

Answer 1: Baidu bear's paw is simply a collection of Baidu content ecology. Including Baidu stationmaster, Baijia number, opener, merchants and other content and service providers to enter Baidu's identity account. Based on the bear's paw, content and service providers can make their own creation of high-quality content or services are indexed and recommended by Baidu, so as to better reach the whole network users.

The account can be realized including Baidu search resources platform, Baidu data open platform, Baijia number from the media platform, user operating platform and other platforms of the ability to exchange.

On the basis of the bear's paw, we can better retain users through mass messaging, private chat replies and other functions, and can communicate with users more comprehensively, so as to better meet the diverse needs of users.

For example, when a user searches for "sweet and sour pork ribs" in his hand, he can find the official bear's paw number of "going to the kitchen" through the search results. Click on the bear's paw number to see more relevant articles, improve the user experience, and users can also be guided to pay attention to the bear's paw number. In this way, the "kitchen" can get users in Baidu, rather than simply acquiring traffic.

Ask 2: the difference between bear's paw and 100 family number?

Answer 2: hundred number is the author's creation account, which is used to help content author produce content, and the content will be released in Baidu information flow.

Bear's paw number is a Baidu connection account, used to connect all kinds of content and services on the network, also used to directly connect users; fans of the original 100 will synchronize to the bear's paw number, the original 100 will be integrated into the content of the bear's paw number.

The bear's paw does not produce contents, and the production of 100 family numbers.

What is the difference between 3: bear's paw and current search?

Answer 3: The existing search mode is that users reach the website through the search content, the user retention is very poor; and based on the bear's paw, content and service providers can also achieve accurate user retention and comprehensive interactive communication, so as to meet the depth of user diversification needs.

4: what is the profit of the bear's paw and how can it be realized?

Answer 4:


It can highlight the brand value of content and service providers. Xiong Zhang supports linking all the contents and services of official website, Baijia, official APP, official micro-blog to Xiong Zhang, which is conducive to the unification of users'brand awareness.

New traffic distribution mechanism: resource submission is more open and convenient, no-site self-Media can submit their own created content. Break the shackles of traditional SEO, as long as the content quality, you can be indexed and included by Baidu, touch the user.


The new user operation empowerment, from fan precipitation to fan activation, and then to marketing realization, forms a complete closed-loop ecology, and brings more kinds of fan interaction means and more diversified profit model for content and service providers.

Ask 5: bear's paw whether it can be recommended as FEED flow.

Answer 5: FEED streaming still needs to participate through the form of a hundred, but a hundred can be in the form of a bear's paw to participate in the search show.

Ask 6: bear's paw to support which industries and websites to join?

Answer 6: Bear's Paw is a product for all content and service providers, so basically legitimate and reasonable website types can be added.

7:APP is it a bear's paw?

Answer 7: You can join, there are two ways you can add bear's paw, one can add the content of APP in the form of H5 pages, and app can also be added through Baidu mobile assistant.

8: is it possible for the media to be the bear's paw?

Answer 8: Can join, one kind is from the media can join in the form of a third-party site, follow-up can also be published in the bear's palm on the CMS.

(9:) how do you handle page search in the same content as the bear's paw?

Answer 9: search has the principle of removing weight, and the same content will be weighed.

To ask whether the content of 10: bear's paw is conflicting with Aladdin's content, which ranking is higher?

Answer 10: will not conflict, Aladdin is also a form of bear paw connection.

Ask 11: bear's paw whether will interception website traffic?

Answer 11: Bear's paw links are all third-party content, showing third-party addresses; it should be emphasized that MIP-style links will be opened in the form of BAIDU links, which is required by the MIP technical framework, not Bear's paw.

Question 12: Does Bear's Paw need to be developed, or is it just the content of the operation, just like the headline?

Answer 12: If you want to get more income, you need some development work when you access. Whether it is MIP or H5 pages, you need to have the work of content code modification. The specific content is based on "three steps of data submission by bear's paw number".

13: can you put third party ads on the page of bear's paw?

Answer 13: Can be placed, but need to meet the user experience requirements; currently pure advertising is not good, it is recommended that bear's paw number through push information and IM, or a variety of functional components in the form of diversification.

Ask 14: bear's paw to optimize SEO's benefits

Answer 14: The biggest advantage of Bear's Paw to SEO optimization is that it protects the original and will be included and displayed quickly.

According to the current original content to complete the registration of bear's paw number applications and data docking, you can get faster collection, more display, greater traffic! And, in theory, the first docking is far better than the latter docking, because bear's paw number is an account grade, the same has its own indexing algorithm machine. system

As well as sorting mechanism, the earlier the submission, the faster the accumulation of users, the more experience and content modification will make the bear's paw more weight.

What is the specific marketing value of 15:?

Answer 15: first, help partners pull new users.

Based on the Bear's Palm, the whole index tool and the better cooperation relationship, Baidu has tilted the partner's traffic through the "brand-new resource index-Ranking mechanism" and "brand-new Aladdin open mechanism".

Second, empowering brands to promote active users.

Everywhere on the search engine, bear's palm homepage, search results pages, third-party landing pages emphasize partner brands. Through the shaping of brand value, the user order can be promoted.

Third, achieve diversification.

Cooperative brand exposed after the user can pay attention to it, retain the user, let cooperators and Xiong Zhang fans do direct exchanges, do a second boost, and finally realize cash.

16: why does Baidu bear bear's palm?

Answer 16: The era of search is changing from PC to mobile. Baidu reconsiders the development of search ecology from the perspective of webmaster.

1, the Internet platform is dispersed, and creators need to maintain multiple platforms at the same time. But users can not communicate between platforms, so the operating cost is increasing.

2. The development process of the station is complicated, and the marketing cost is high; SEO-oriented, focusing on the creation can not get a reasonable flow.

3, search can only get traffic, and can not effectively retain and operate users.

So Baidu Bear Palm came into being, it can do: help partners pull new users, promote active users, realize diversification.

What are the functions of 17: bear's paw?

Answer 17: Search Resource Platform: Content and service providers get more content exposure, brand promotion and fan precipitation in Baidu search by providing quality content.

Hundred Platform: Provides content release, content realization and fan management functions for self-Media content creators

Business Platform: Provide marketing promotion and fan operation solutions for businesses, support business marketing appeals to achieve, get better transformation or brand publicity effect service platform, provide online service capabilities for businesses, can provide services in articles and numbers, achieve closed-loop consumption.

Data Open Platform: Content and service providers get a search display of Baidu Search Page as soon as it is available by submitting structured and high-quality data.

Operating Center: To provide a series of operating functions for Bear Palm operators, such as fan management, mass messaging, message management, etc.

Open Platform: Provide service providers with the ability to authenticate, authorize third-party service providers, and access to open platforms.

Authentication center: Content and service providers submit or change the subject authentication information entry, authentication of different qualifications can obtain different rights.

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