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Baidu search VIP salon bear paw open class: let quality resources stand out

Baidu Search VIP Salon & Bear's Paw Open Course was held at Beijing Dongsheng Kailai Hotel on August 21. So big activity editors have gone too. This time the content is full. The new search ecology has brought huge search rights to content and service providers. More stationmasters and business operators will know about bears. The latest trends and brand-new play, of course, did not go to the scene of the small partners do not have to worry, look at the small edition for everyone to sort out the focus of it!

At present, 50% of Baidu's search traffic has been distributed to bear's paw, and the bear's paw number 260W has been opened. In the future, the 80% traffic will be distributed to bear's paw. Xiaobian also talked deeply with Baidu's product pm, Xiong Paw Number is a strategic project, to achieve the transformation from station to number, will become a new domain name in the mobile era, will certainly let Xiong Paw Number occupy a higher position.


2. The importance of original protection is mentioned in the three CEOs'showcase numbers. Current features include original submission express, original logo, and priority ranking, with an average display increase of 49.5% and a 43.9% hitting increase. This month will also be on-line "original rights" and "original business card page" function, to ensure that the original content in the reprint and collection before you can see who their articles are reprinted in the background and can be a key to appeal for rights, better safeguard their rights and interests.


3. The Spring Bamboo Shoot Program: It will support the new station, provide independent quotas, and help to achieve faster development. In the future, the spring shoots plan will complete the 100 million search traffic distribution and expand 100 key support sites. At the same time, Baidu will also include members of the spring shoots scheme into Baidu's strategic cooperation or investment targets.

Summary: Authorities and originality will be the two most important labels, and creators with these labels will get more exposure to traffic. Bear's paw is not only for some high-quality webmasters, enterprises, more likely to be some other platform creators, such as micro-blog and public number, can produce high-quality content and a certain number of fans, Baidu also has to give some support policies, will be more easily exposed.


Unchanged SOLOGAN: let quality content stand out.

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