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Baidu totem, make the original force blooming

In July 18, 2018, Baidu officially announced the launch of the original photo service platform totem based on block chain technology.

Official explanation: the Baidu totem adopts the self research block chain copyright registration network, with the dual authentication of the trusted time stamp and the chain stamp, and generates the copyright DNA for each original picture. The original works can be traced to the original work. In addition, the copyright guards based on the block chain picture storage system and the whole network copyright monitoring tools can monitor the original works by network infringement and reconstruct the industry order.

As we all know, Baidu search has always attached great importance to the copyright protection of original content, especially the publication of bear's palm number and hundred numbers, and further combination of search and information flow, and let the stationmaster know that they want to precipitate users, so it is necessary to provide quality original content and service to ensure the experience of the users.

The Baidu totem, which is officially launched, will build a full link service platform covering picture production, ownership certificate, picture distribution, transaction change, infringement monitoring and maintenance service through the introduction of block chain technology, the force of the Baidu search platform and the ecological power of the third party partners

The core architecture of Baidu "totem"

The Baidu totem has created a system that provides a "existence proof" with a clear time mark for the content work. The authorized circulation information of the original content works will also be saved, and the system will be automatically collected and recorded when the system is found to be infringed. The release of this system will severely crack down on infringement and add protection to original protection.

The system can cover all the network data, and it can be run all day. It can achieve 10000 hours of image output and copyright monitoring report at the fastest 2 hours.

As an Internet bigwigs, Baidu totem is more than just protecting the original function. In addition to helping the original authors to better maintain their rights, Baidu totem can also provide multi-channel distribution and value conversion, bringing more exposure opportunities and increasing trading volume.

With the development of science and technology, the continuous expansion of the Internet, the cost of plagiarism is getting cheaper and cheaper, which makes many original authors more and more confused, where the original meaning is. But if everyone is not original or innovative, what will the world become? It is good that the Internet men have found this situation, and the new original protection policy and system are constantly introduced, so that the plagiarism can not be copied again, dare not copy!

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