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Bear's paw: how to get better results in Baidu

oday, the main thing to share with you is: how to get a better display of the hand 100 search page, to attract users to click to get traffic.

Catch the user at a glance: the result of the search is shown.

When we search for content, there will be a single graph or three graph effect, the name of the result in the bear's paw background called search results out of the map, also known as structured out of the map.

Obviously, if you see multiple pictures in search, you will be more likely to attract users' attention and click.

Then how can we get the right of product search results? In fact, it is very simple, so long as the bear's paw index is greater than 100, the application can be submitted.

But why do friends still encounter applications? Here, Xiaobian wants to give you a key point:

1. It must be applied before it can be used; 2. It is very demanding to apply for pictures; 3. It should be cautious and cautious to submit in batches.

In the application phase we must select the best quality content, and then page modification and resource submission, the best resource submission when the use of new resources submission, because the new resources submission can be included in 24 hours, can be faster results.

Top player: corporate authority Q & A

It is said that the authoritative questions and answers received hundreds of applications on the same day, which shows that the absolute attraction of the user experience is also very recognized by enterprises.

What I want to emphasize here is that the authoritative question and answer is a free product open to Baidu, and only for the enterprise type of bear's paw, if your site registered at the beginning of the choice of individualsOr else, it is not eligible to apply for this project. At the same time, the application enterprise must complete the certification to the public at the time of registration.

So what is the most concerned question? How do we apply for the authority Q & A? What are the points for attention when applying?

1 the most fundamental: it must be the corporate account and the completion of the public certification.

2 the most important thing: landing pages must conform to standards. Previously encountered, its own resources are very authoritative, submitted questions and answers are completely no problem, are also to meet the needs, but the landing page experience is particularly poor, feel that this page is not too much attention or search to, do not pay too much attention to the landing page of the pop-up window or floating effect, the results did not pass the audit. So before we submit the application, we must finish the landing page transformation first.

3 the questions and answers related to enterprises must be submitted. For example, your website is a gym, but the questions you submit about how to lose weight are a wider range of questions that are not passed.

4, it is not necessary to submit objective questions, such as good products or not.

5 must be submitted to the mobile station. Because the current enterprise Q & A is reflected in the mobile terminal, the PC side has no corresponding results for the time being.

If your application is rejected carelessly, don't worry too much. This project can be applied many times now. The background will remind you of the reason why you failed. Just pay more attention to the next submission.

That's all I want to share with you today. Of course, in addition to the search results and corporate authority questions and answers, the bear's paw number also provides other special displays such as bear's paw videos, original logos and so on. We will share with you one after another. Interested friends can pay close attention to the bear paw number or 100 family number of "Zhiyi one-stop content operation". Pay attention, do not lose your way.

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