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Bear's paw: how to make website resources quickly included

Hello ~Today, I'd like to share with you a new site and one of the most important concerns of small and medium-sized sites, if the site is included quickly by Baidu?

With more and more stationmasters discovering the importance of bear's paw, many people ask: Hear joining bear's paw has special display? Heard that the bear bear number can be included in the day? What does search like? So here is a small edition to sell a pass, I believe we will have a clear understanding of the article after reading it!

One, the bear bear's special display for a second to let you know who I am.

f you were a user, what would you prefer in the red box?

In fact, this has a very obvious feature show, from the first and third articles can give users an intuitive understanding of who these content is provided to me, the second is a url, for the user is not aware of, do not know who this URL is. So there's no doubt that the first or third result will be chosen from the user's perception of the search.

So how does this special display come true? This is actually a display of the logo and name of the bear's paw, that is, as long as you set up the content source of the bear's paw and do the content automatic synchronization, you can get it! How is it very simple and very practical? As long as your content is good enough, it can stand out from millions of messages and attract users to click on it! Achieve user retention!

Let me wake you up! The sites bound here must be mobile data! At least it should be adaptive! Otherwise, the content will not be able to synchronize.

Two. The speed of bear paw is included in the world.

Recently, many people have a headache: How can my website and other sites produce a result that makes my content appear faster than others?

Key points: Baidu Dasuo only promises to capture the display effect of the tool only new content submitted!

A friend asked before: Is all the data submitted to bear's paw number included 24 hours, in fact, it is not so. Data submission is divided into two parts, new content submission and historical content submission, and only new content submission is committed to 24 hours. As shown in the red box below.

Through the new content interface, submit the site on the day of the new content links, new content within 24 hours to enjoy the grabbing check, fast show preferential treatment. Of course, the new content here is not entirely without requirements, first of all must meet the landing page standards, followed by high quality content.

Bear's paw number new data submission comparison of historical data submission: 1. Fast collection, 2. Limited quotas, 3. To submit the day's data.

Listen to so much, I believe you must have some understanding of the site's rapid collection of resources, then go to the actual operation of it! If you find this article helpful to you, don't forget to share it with more friends. We'll also launch more dry goods in the future! Interested friends can pay close attention to the bear paw number or 100 family number of "Zhiyi one-stop content operation". Pay attention, do not lose your way.

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