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Post bar operation: how to use holiday node to publicize brand effect

What is the most important thing besides opening school in September? It's going to be the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival!

Many e-commerce and other platforms also seize the opportunity to publicize this festival, publicizing their brands wantonly, hoping to make a big profit in the golden period. Among them, Baidu Tieba has occupied an important position in the promotion platform, but many friends have found that although Tieba saved a lot of tedious steps, but it is still very difficult to operate, in the end how to make good use of the sticker, and operation, in the festival node to obtain a large amount of exposure?

Xiaobian will tell you all about it.

Before the operation, we need to build a good post bar and set up relevant contents. Drainage from other platforms, such as your public number, microblog, APP, etc., to do a good job of publicity, to attract user attention.

There is not much restriction in copywriting, so it is OK to avoid too explicit or obvious commercial advertising content. It is best not to leave contact mode and two-dimensional code.

Organize some online and offline related activities, so that the mutual understanding between the bar friends, enhance the team spirit, create a harmonious community atmosphere of stickers; and then deepen the sense of belonging to stickers, so as to promote the growth of stickers!

The location of post bar is very important. It's propaganda or activity. Set up the stick bar rules, no rules, no Cheng Fangyuan.

As we all know, Tieba brand category flow has a high commercial value, and long-term use of black products, a large number of "Zhanba party" and "advertising cheating party", we are through Tieba collation, marketing strategy to the bar brand fans or potential users to carry out a more in-depth operation, deepen fan loyalty, to promote road fans; But this is actually very difficult. To do the job well, we need a professional team to maintain the details.

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