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Visit to Nantong Tongzhou District people's Congress Standing Committee

On the afternoon of September 10, Ge Tao, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Tongzhou District People's Congress of Nantong City, and his party of seven people visited Suzhou Weizhi Interactive Media Co., Ltd. The purpose of this study is to learn about Changshu's experience in promoting the development of cultural industries. Tao Li, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Changshu Municipal People's Congress and Luo Jianxin, director of the work committee, were accompanied by Wang Liwen, general manager of Suzhou Weizhi Media Interactive Media Co., Ltd., Zhang Wenhao, new media operation director, Lu Yanping, marketing director, Ye Qiang, community operation director, and Wang Fang, executive personnel director.

Ms. Wang Liwen, General Manager of Suzhou Weizhi Interactive Media Co., Ltd., organized and received the Standing Committee of Tongzhou People's Congress, visited the content operation and innovation Department of the company.

Mr. Zhang Wenhao, Director of New Media Operations, introduced to the Standing Committee of Tongzhou Municipal People's Congress its operation mode and main innovative contents.

Weizhi Media will give full play to the spirit of pragmatism and innovation, and actively respond to the promotion of Changshu Municipal Committee on the development of cultural industry; and will be proud of this on-site inspection, and continue to plough and pan-entertainment, improve the content operation, build a green content ecology; and strive to contribute to the high-quality development of Changshu cultural undertakings.

(photo composition [working environment]

Background of wisdom media company

Wisdom Media was founded in 2014, so far, the team has more than 100 people with rich Internet marketing experience. The main business for each brand to provide online team operation experience, support rich advertising content, personalized customization of the special operation plan for resource integration. In addition, Wisdom Media's Wisdom Culture combines Internet high-quality platforms such as headlines, Tencent, Baidu, Netease, Ali and other network content information platforms to form a pan-entertainment matrix with all kinds of graphic information, audio and video quality content of new media.

Through this investigation, Wisdom Media showed its main achievements in the construction of cultural entrepreneurship to the Standing Committee of the Tongzhou People's Congress, and obtained the unanimous approval of the inspectors of the Standing Committee of the Tongzhou People's Congress and the leaders of Changshu City. In this regard, only wisdom media will not forget the original intention, to move forward, for the comprehensive promotion of cultural content to make contributions to entrepreneurship.

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