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What skills do post posting have?

As an operation, you often talk about your experience in Baidu post bar.

It is definitely not possible to add products to the products advertised by Chek Guo Guo. You will be faced with the overwhelming deletion of posts. This stage is basically a systematic deletion.

In fact, the system is very smart, with QQ numbers, phone numbers, links and other posts it will not blink to delete you. The same content, in the same paste bar must not be repeated, in different paste bar, three consecutive paste more than, the paste in all the traces will be erased. So what you have to do is wait, and send two stickers for half an hour to an hour. If you're not careful, you don't have enough time between posts, not only will this post be deleted, even if you reorganize the language, as long as it's similar, it's possible to be deleted, and no matter how long it takes you to get rid of it.

But it's still saved. We still have the right to apply for reinstatement. Bind the phone number, apply with your mobile phone, take effect immediately, but only five times a day. It takes one or two days to apply for artificial recovery. According to personal experience, the probability of recovery is more than half.

Now let's talk about the situation of bar deletion. The bigger the bar, the more sensitive it is. Don't assume that no one notices you when it's active. Not only will the bar owner notice you, but the general public will recognize you at a glance. Once you're considered a sailor, whatever you say is what a thousand men mean.

So posting must avoid advertising, second time interval master.

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