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Why can't you make a flick of your video?

If you don't talk about it today, we'll talk to you about the recent loud heat.

Jitter, which was launched in September 2016, is a short video music software that can take short videos.

You can share your life with the Video App, and you can also meet more friends and learn all kinds of funny things here.

Shake is essentially a music video community focused on young people, users can choose songs, accompanied by short videos, to form their own works. Video can be made more creative by video shooting speed, video editing, special effects (repeated, flash, slow shot) and other technologies, rather than simply mouth-to-mouth.

Although the jitter game is not entirely new, but recently this music short video product is in the limelight: the daily average VV (video playback) more than 100 million, all the stars have switched to jitter, Netease cloud music has also appeared jitter BGM recording list. The DAU has been in millions of magnitude.

For example, Xiao Tiantian, who is in the heat recently, claims that men all over the world are on their way to Chengdu to invite her to dinner. A million + fans in 10 hours, refreshed the minimum amount of shake refresh, why can she burst fire in a short time? Just because she sweetly said "as long as you can take me to dinner" and became the trembling "the world's best kept girlfriend".

Then all kinds of analysis come out, some say that every man in life is particularly difficult, too many unshakable sisters, married wives, unshakable parents, and this girl makes men feel relaxed and comfortable.

Xiaobian on the ha ha ha, can not lift the sister do not lift, really like to work hard to improve their own ah, can not marry a wife? Not every girl is so good! Men are not easy? Who is easy to work hard for everyone? Your Britney Spears now offers 20-50W quotations from foreign businessmen. Would you like to invite her to dinner and bring enough money in her pocket?

But I have to say that this little sweet EQ is there, so many dither regardless of talent, looks like Pan An's little sister is not so hot, little sweet because of a sweet word, suddenly burst into flames. Whether or not there is a team behind the hype, at least Xiao Tian's "first love face" will be a long time after she makes a full pot of money.

In fact, as early as the beginning of the year, a lot of people have realized that the rapid increase in powder, so that more people can see themselves. So most of the brand merchants, star network red are beginning to enter the jitter. Slowly, it's getting harder and harder to shoot a video fire on your own, and many of the videos you see are priced or operated by a professional operating team.

In the Internet era, traffic is money. It is difficult to decide how to make a fire, but there are also some tricks. First of all, the release time: people like 13:00 or 18:00 are most likely to shake during lunch breaks or on their way to work. Secondly, catch up with popular topics and use popular music. Video titles bring hot topics, like burning my calories recently, or using hot music, in case you see a video of the same music. Of course, the most important thing is that your video should be wonderful, interesting and interesting.

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