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    Precision Exposure - Big Data based, directly touch your brand target users

    Attractive Creation - Content Marketing plus Brand Exposure

  • 海量优质流量 数亿级用户覆盖

    Massive high quality flow of hundreds of millions of users

    6.5 亿+


    Baidu browsers

    35 亿+


    Baidu discount day PV

    1 亿+


    Mobile Baidu daily users

    8 亿+


    Tencent users



    Chattering user

  • Large data analysis for target customers

    Interest orientation

    Interest classification: health care, game community, commercial real estate, beauty care, book reading.


    Regional orientation

    Core cities:beijing/shanghai/guangzhou/shenzhen

    First and second city:shenyang/dalian/qingdao/chengdu/hangzhou/suzhou/xiamen


    Population orientation

    Age, sex, education


    Scene orientation

    operating system:Android / IOS

    network environment:Wi-Fi / Wireless data

    Time: exactly to the hour


  • Baidu Post Bar - fan community operation

    Online game fans operation
    Advertising planning and execution
    Network traffic report during the period of publicity

  • Trembling operation

    The shakes are the point of music.
    Collocation of creative expression
    Create a variety of things for users
    Energetic and creative
    Building a community platform for companies to communicate with fans

  • After strong advertising exposure


    Display platform: Baidu mobile phone screen advertising
    Display mode: static external chain (5 seconds video and AR style will soon be online).
    Display logic: 12 carousel / day
    Way of purchase: CPT
    Diamond super exposure resources, to seize the first impression of users.

  • Advertising promotion of primary information flow

    Advertising is the content of
    Attract more customers to click

  • Application treasure distribution

    Android application store market share in China
    171 million months live
    Daily distribution of 200 million +
    Access to WeChat +QQ+ mobile phone housekeeper +QQ browser 7 grade flow entrance.
    The Tencent is a group of high quality users

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