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    Survival of the Jedi to stimulate the battlefield

    Since the beginning of the Jedi survival, the maintenance of the game public opinion has achieved remarkable results. At the beginning of operation, there are very few stickers and negative remarks. Nowadays, post bar activities are good, and topics of discussion are abundant.
    WISE operation team, starting from core players, develops long-term communication and becomes a friendly manufacturer and player communication bridge. We constantly collect friends and suggestions, and communicate with manufacturers in real time. Finally, we resolve conflicts through three parties' efforts to build up word of mouth. Meanwhile, in the process of cooperation, game developers can get players' feedback in time, so that they can be optimized more targeted.
    In addition to public opinion maintenance, weekly analysis of background data, combined with the operation of SOP process, search for short bar, giving activities and reward support. Follow up game nodes, official information is synchronized with professional advice. Finally, help post bar and even game operation to go better together.



    Trembling operation

  • In 2017, China Mobile video users have reached 530 million, and the user's attention has been irreversibly transferred. The future short video will be the most mainstream content in the network. It is now from smart distribution to intelligent distribution and fan distribution in smart social times, and shaking sounds as a personalized video screen. Social software has become the core demand of young users.

  • 新媒体营销

    New media marketing

    Wit media is devoted to the brand communication of customers. Through digital channels and ways, brand concept and brand spirit are conveyed to consumers so as to improve the brand popularity. We provide our customers with integrated digital marketing programs, from their own social media operations to third party cooperation, from news dissemination to event marketing, to provide the best brand marketing strategy for customers.

  • 浏览器生态

    QQBrowser Ecology

    QQ browser mobile ecosystem strategy, in content, game, personalized three aspects to help mobile terminal browser transformation. Data show that mobile QQ browser has 250 million monthly active users. The survey data provided by the QQ browser, through data analysis, mobile phone QQ browser can improve the content of ecological system of Tencent, with more precise ways to push to the user, achieve customization. On the other hand, the people in the industry believe that content and reproduction are the rigid demand of the Internet, and mobile page travel is a big cake in the future game industry. This is the mobile browser from now to the future through content and games, personalized platform and other aspects of the content of the ecological chain.

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