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  • About Us

    WISE Media China was established in 2013, a leading professional Esports official online community media operator in Mainland China, which is focus on Chinese game market and the behavior of game players.

    The partners of WISE include Baidu & Tencent - two of the best Chinese search engine with accurate user behavior taxonomy system from big data. Therefore, a effective vertical game media directly agglutinant contact with the Chinese players from Baidu Community - the largest Chinese game-social-club; collect feedback from players and real-time operation of online Chinese players.

  • WiSE Vision

    MCN Resources

    The professional promotor in Fashion and Game industry of MCN content organization in Mainland China.

    Content Marketing Eco-System

    Online community event planning for the branding promotion with multiple channels.

    Enterprise Branding

    Brand strategy and marketing consultant of Mainland China Market.

  • Our Development Path




    established in 2013



    Focus on Chinese game online community operation and industry development.



    Our Baidu Native ADs published in 2015, we became the most professional game community operator in Mainland China.



    We became the Key Account Company which is officially cooperate with Baidu, Tencent QQ browser.



    Baidu Online Community Exclusive Operator & Online influencer MCN Platform.

  • Team Introduction

    Core team
    More than 5 years of professional experience of more than 200 elite teams

    We have a number of experts with unique insight and vision, which will provide insight and strategy implementation of the industry experience and knowledge, and provide you with a professional full network value marketing service.


  • Business support


    Business experts, with more than ten years of work experience, can combine the actual situation of the enterprise to study the plans, provide guidance, related technology and logistics support to the subordinate departments and subsidiaries with strong business methods and skills, making the Department a powerful technical backing of the departments under the jurisdiction


  • Operation Department

    The so-called "professional", not point to many points, but a very understanding of their own users of the product, very understanding of their own users, can combine the characteristics of the product and user characteristics to plan organizational activities, to control the atmosphere and rhythm of a good activity, and finally bring the product in the plan to promote the effect。


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